Simplicity is the key to being Stylish.

Fashion Trends come and go but style is eternal. Every season we are bombarded with the new trends, the colors that are in, the boho look, the rock look, the alternative look, rock glam, retro and it goes on and on. I love fashion but my passion is style. After 10 active years of working in fashion, I can tell you with confidence that the things you need to do in order not to get lost in  the fashion world are the following:

First of all, make sure you have black and white in your closet. These colors are always in, no matter what the fashion trend is, they go with all the styles and are in ALL year long. Yes! Black is also in, in the summer and not a lot of people know that. But trust me, black in the summer rocks! The same goes for white in winter. So, must-haves in your closet are: Black and white tops, basic t-shirts and shirts. A pair of black jeans, black trousers and of course the black dress. Black and white (or off white) coats or jackets or both. Black boots, biker booties, high heels, total black or total white trainers, or just in black the kind of shoes you wear the most that support your style and look. Don’t forget that you can play with the shades of black and white. Vintage black, destroyed black-looks like dark grey-  blue black, off white and ecru.


Another very important tip is to know what you feel comfortable in. Open your closet and choose the clothes that when you wear them, you feel beautiful and you know you look good in them even without looking in the mirror. Those clothes are the ones that should be your “canvas”. Those clothes show your style identity. Embrace it and then you can work on your images by complementing them with pieces from every season’s trends. You can add colors you like, play with accessories, hats, shoes, coats, jewelery, shoes. You can wear the same outfit in so many different ways if you mix and match it with various accessories and shoes and you will always be you and in style. 

Last but not least, always remember that simplicity is stylish and less is more. 


Stay tuned for more tips on styling and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


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4 thoughts on “Simplicity is the key to being Stylish.

  1. Good advice! I love black and I love white. I have one of those closets with lots of clothes in it and a dresser drawers stuffed but can never find anything that goes together. I am trying to work on simplifying my wardrobe a bit but finding it difficult because I never have the right shirt to go with the jeans or the right sweater to go with the shirt or the right shoes to wear with the jeans and sweater, etc. ugh.

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  2. @alishamorton I am glad you found my blog post helpful. Stay tuned for more styling tips. In the meantime, organize your closet and put away clothes you never wear because they are just taking space and are making your life more difficult when trying to combine your clothes. For detailed info about organizing your closet and matching your clothes… do not hesitate to email me. Love, Laura.K 😉


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