Single Ladies and Boys.

IMG_0025You are probably wondering why the title is “Single Ladies and Boys”. Well, because boys will always be boys! This is not an insult, it is an observation and in some cases even a compliment.  Have you ever noticed a 5 -year -old? A 15 -year -old? A 20 -year -old? Now try to see the similarities with the 25-35-45-55…even 75 year old. YES, even our fathers, ladies, are boys at heart. I personally love that and the minute I realized it, my life has become much easier in understanding male behavior. I admire the boy in men. BUT (Yes, you got it right, here comes the BUT); Nowadays the sexual liberation of  women has lead men to become passive. We, women, can ALL be sexually liberated but lets just keep it in the bedroom and to ourselves. Lets give them some space to “hunt”. How about that? We can keep evolving and becoming equal to men when it comes to values, work, communication, co-existence. That’s what matters when it comes to equality. It is more like a partnership in so many levels in so many different sectors in life.

But Enough with the boring stuff. What about dating and meeting men? And here comes the question that we all ask; “Where did all the real MEN go?”. That’s a tough one that my girlfriends and I have asked ourselves quite a few times, to say the least. Honestly, it is not easy out there nowadays. Men don’t flirt, don’t “hunt” and damn, I do miss that kind of flirting. Don’t you? I know that we all say there are no decent men out there and newsflash! Men say the same about us. The truth is that we forgot how to communicate; we hide behind texting and posting pics and updating our status on social media than sharing those feelings and emotions with the people we really want to. And the one that makes me wonder the most! What is it with “sexting” nowadays? But this, girls, is a different topic we are going to discuss soon… Back to boys.

Boys will always be boys! They are sensitive, they do have insecurities and they are scared like we are. What do they do about it?  They don’t want to show it, so they hide it behind being ignorant, changing the subject, using humor constantly,  playing it cool, putting up walls and sometimes they even become rude to avoid confrontation; not with you but with themselves. They want to be MEN and some of them are by keeping the good qualities of being a boy at heart, which makes them even more interesting. That though, is a choice. Those who choose to be gentlemen, respect themselves and women. They take the lead and remind you how to lay back and enjoy being a lady.

Boys! If you can’t be an “old school” gentleman when it comes to dating a lady, be a boy but a 5 -year -old one. Not a 15 -year -old one. I will give you an actual description, my nephew. He is 5 years old and he is smart, sweet, polite, he has got a great sense of humor, he tells you what he wants and what he doesn’t want. He shows his feelings and tells you when to back off if he is in a bad mood. He is open to communication and loves to  be in charge; but at the same time he knows when to step back if you make your point clear to him with arguments that show he can trust you to take the lead. He talks about things he knows and listens when he doesn’t know something or when he is not so sure he’s got it right. WOW, I think I just described a great man, don’t you think so? Which brings us to the conclusion that it all comes down to being open to adventure, trust, communication, honesty and respect. Boys fall down when they run or play and get hurt. What do they do? They get back up and keep running because even though they might fall and get hurt, it is so much fun running carefree that it is worth it.


To sum up. Boys will always be boys! And I really hope they will.
As for us ladies? Lets do the same and not forget the little girl in us. And who knows? Maybe we will meet men half way and enjoy a nice ride to a journey with an unknown destination. After all, it’s the journey that matters!


Lots of love,




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