To all the single ladies đź’•

To All the Single women out there.
Ladies, have you ever felt that you need  to apologize or justify the reasons of being single? Have you ever had people looking at you like there’s something wrong with you because you are not married? Have people repeatedly asked you “How is it possible a woman like you to be alone?” ? …. Should I go on?

Well… Here’s some questions I would ask a single woman;  “How does it feel being single and not in a dysfunctional relationship or compromised marriage? “, “How liberating is it to be yourself and not settling for marriage and kids to fit in?”, “How is dating out there nowadays?”, “Do you date younger men?”, “Is sex better in your late 30s?”, “How would you describe yourself; older and experienced or young and more mature?”…

To sum up ladies:
* If you know what you want or know exactly what you don’t want.
* If you make choices for you and not for what people around you think is best for you.
* If you choose to evolve from past mistakes and use your experience to do so.
* If you block people’s and society’s criticism and focus on your inner voice of what’s best for you.
* If you are smiling right now that you are reading this.

This is not just my journey, you are already riding along !

Let’s do this!



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