Let’s talk about prints girls💕

Hello girls!

August is here and this summer, prints rock.

The casual look is one of my favorites. You can be dressed from morning till night whether you are going to the gym or for coffee. Shopping, lunch and even early drinks on a weekday.

Tasteful and fashionable prints can give a nice twist on your look and you will definitely turn some heads once you mix and match them correctly. The best part though is that you will be comfortable hence even more beautiful. We all know that once we feel comfortable in our clothes we can glow as brightly as the sun.

Here are some pics of how to wear sportswear on a daily basis.


  • Loose Printed basketball tank top. Worn also as a dress. You can wear it on top of your bathing suit with black, white or pink flip flops and hit the beach. On a hot summer day match it with a pair of jean shorts and a pair of white or pink trainer shoes and off you go to enjoy your day.
Basketball tank top @typelovefashion, Key Holder @addstylegr
Basketball tank top @typelovefashion, Key Holder @addstylegr
Basketball tank top @typelovefashion, Key Holder @addstylegr
Basketball tank top @typelovefashion, Key Holder @addstylegr

  1. Mix and match prints carefully. For tips contact me. Mixed and matched prints can make a casual look be memorable, trendy, and fashionable. Be careful though… When they are not matched properly the result might be the complete opposite of trendy and fashionable. 😉

This tip goes for clothes and accessories too😉

Basketball tank top and leggings @typelovefashion, Bag from private collection, Shoes @adidas

Beach towel @aeliatowels, towel holder @addstylegr, mini zipper bags @bleeckerandlove
Great mini zipper bags @ bleeckerandlove, water bottle @chilly’s

    Another safe tip is to match prints with a plain white or black shirt, t-shirt or tank top. You can’t go wrong with this tip! The result will be- without any doubt– great!
Leggings @typelovefashion , t-shirt @h&m , shoes @nike


Laura.K 💕

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