Pain and Heartaches are my weapons.

The other day, I was having a chat with a good friend of mine. We were talking about life and experiences. About pain and about all sort of heartaches. Tough situations that brought us to our knees in our past. From family, friends, bosses, work, boyfriends… and the list goes on.

At some point, as we were talking, she said to me : “… if only we were wiser at a younger age! We would have avoided so much…”

I listened to her words and my response to my surprise towards her was: “ No… We needed to learn. The only way to wisdom, self confidence and maturity… is pain. Experience … comes with heartache. Falling down, Picking up the pieces, Coming out stronger With our head held up high and a smile. Cause now? We can let go! And be in the moment. Without rushing through our moments.”

At that very moment, that those words came out, I realized to my very core that all the pain and heartaches that I have endured since I was little have been my strongest weapons. I took it all and came out standing tall with a smile and a positivity that made me let go of my ghosts. The person that I am today is because of all the heartache and the way that I chose to face it and use it to my advantage. The fact that I choose not to feel sorry for myself for what I have been through but to be proud of the way that I stood tall, I faced it all and did it my way… as Sinatra said- that fact is what makes me everything that I am today. And for that? I feel blessed, proud and complete.




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