Single Ladies and Boys.

Women’s Lalaland

IMG_0025You are probably wondering why the title is “Single Ladies and Boys”. Well, because boys will always be boys! This is not an insult, it is an observation and in some cases even a compliment.  Have you ever noticed a 5 -year -old? A 15 -year -old? A 20 -year -old? Now try to see the similarities with the 25-35-45-55…even 75 year old. YES, even our fathers, ladies, are boys at heart. I personally love that and the minute I realized it, my life has become much easier in understanding male behavior. I admire the boy in men. BUT (Yes, you got it right, here comes the BUT); Nowadays the sexual liberation of  women has lead men to become passive. We, women, can ALL be sexually liberated but lets just keep it in the bedroom and to ourselves. Lets give them some space to “hunt”. How about that? We can…

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