Love me some Florals💕Get inspired from nature when it comes to Style.

Florals in our wardrobe.

As I have told you before “Simplicity is the key to being stylish” (if you have any questions about my motto, check out my blog post @ Once you have realized that, and you have the essential pieces in your wardrobe, it is pretty easy to adjust the fashion trends to your personal style and make a difference while being in style and in fashion.

By “essentials”, I mean a pair of dark blue skinny or straight jeans. In addition, remember that the basic colours that you always need in your closet whether it comes to jeans, shorts, skirts, or basic tops are: black, white, off white, ecru, cream, grey (light and dark grey). These colors are your canvas.

I bet you would like to see some outfits, so here’s a mini clip for you.

Now, let’s see together the steps that can help you do it by yourself; 

1st step; You can wear your high-waisted dark blue skinny jeans ( or a pair of dark blue jeans that flatter your body type, whether they are straight or flare jeans and combine them with a plain white basic top or a silk top in a light cream color. 

2nd step; Throw on top a long floral maxi kimono.


3rd step; Accesorize. Wear some gold rings and a long minimal necklace in gold or a minimal boho one.


4th step; Shoes to match with this outfit; Gold, black or white espadrilles, gold, black, white, dark blue or red sandals and black, white or red loafers.

5th step; Depending on where you are going and your mood, take an oversized black leather bag, a crossover black, white or red leather small bag or a rattan bag in medium or small size.

Important tip; Do not forget to avoid matching your shoes with your bag. It is more playful, more stylish and unique if you do not. 😉


Styling is using your imagination, while being practical and not losing your identity in all the fashion trends that come and go. 

For more styling tips, stay tuned and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!


Lots of Love,


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